About Me

 I started collecting worldwide medals and  militaria in 1978. About twenty years ago I started to focus primarily  on attributed US medals. My main area of interest is the US Navy and  Marine Corps from 1898 to 1945, especially Good Conduct Medals. I also  collect attributed Army campaign medals issued for service from 1861 to  1917, as well as Loyal Legion membership badges.

In addition to collecting I also enjoy doing research, on both medal  recipients and the medals themselves. My idea of a great vacation is a  week in Washington, D.C. or St. Louis, digging through records at the  National Archives and the Military Personnel Records Center.

I joined The Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA) in 1987 and  have attended most of the annual OMSA conventions since 1988. I am also a  member of the Southern California Orders and Medals Society (SoCalOMS) and have served as the society’s Vice President for many years.

In addition to collecting, I also enjoy photographing medals and have been the primary photographer for three books: American Society Medals by Lee Bishop and J. Robert Elliott, Vernon's Collector's Guide to Orders, Decorations and Medals (3rd & 4th editions) and The Medal Collector's Companion.  

My pictures have also been used to illustrate several other books as  well as numerous articles in the OMSA Journal. I've also had the  privilege of photographing some spectacular medals at the Smithsonian  Institution, the Washington Navy Yard Museum and the American Numismatic  Society Museum in New York. Some of these photographs will eventually  be posted on this site.

Adam Rohloff
P.O. Box 261
Santa Monica, CA 90406