USS Baltimore Dewey Medal
US Navy Dewey Medal for the Battle of Manila Bay  on May 1, 1898 with USS Baltimore  reverse, officially impressed on the rim, “Acting Carpenter Levin J. Wallace” (many fake Dewey Medals have engraved naming rather than being impressed).

Wallace was born in Fairmount, Maryland in 1873. He became a Gunner (warrant officer) in 1897, was commissioned in 1903, and eventually rose to the rank of Commander before he retired in 1921. It's not clear why the Dewey Medal was named to him as an Acting Carpenter when his rank was Gunner. As the naming is clearly official, either Wallace was temporarily serving as a Carpenter (which would explain the use of the word “Acting”) or it was possibly an administrative error.

Since Wallace was an officer during the battle his photo appears in William Galt's book on the Battle of Manila Bay. As the large majority of Dewey Medals were issued to enlisted men it’s very hard to find photos of recipients.

Wallace was also issued a Spanish Campaign Medal and a Philippine Campaign Medal, current locations unknown.

I originally acquired this medal last year as a planchet only and it for sale this way. A few months ago I acquired a good quality reproduction top bar with an old ribbon attached and had a jeweler attach it to the medal. Details of this top bar and a comparison with an original top bar are shown in the photos. The medal has a few minor spots of verdigris, as shown in the photos, but is in otherwise good condition.

Price $2,450

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