US Navy Medals
 Unattributed USN Civil War campaign medal. Beautiful BB&B strike with original finish in excellent condition.
$650 (sold)

panish American War 1st Division Signals Badge. Beautifully hand engraved; measures 2" in height.
I've never seen another example.
Price $950 (Sold)

olid gold USN Distinguished Marksman and Pistol Shot badges. Judging by the engraving style these are probably Vietnam War era. Gold weight 62.5 grams. (Sold)

US Navy Civil War Medal # 1785, rim engraved “Dennis O’Brien” # “USS Osceola and Iosco”. The Osceola and Iosco were both gunboats that were commissioned in 1864. Both ships participated in the two attacks on Fort     Fisher in 1864 and 1865. It’s rare to find a USN Civil War that’s engraved on the rim with two ships.                   
O’Brien’s naval service is unresearched.
Price $1250 (Sold)

A beautiful example of the Naval Order of the United States in gold, numbered on the edge “648”. Membership in this society was open to civilians and officers of all branches of the armed forces. The number on this medal traces to Arthur Frederic Schermerhorn of New York. He was an officer in the New York state militia.
Price $750 (Sold)

US Naval Academy Marksmanship Medal, marked Bailey, Banks and Biddle. In matching BB&B case. An extremely rare piece. I’ve only seen one other example, which is in a private collection. The recipient of this medal, Frank D. Hall, died on active duty in 1913.
Price $1500 (Sold)

WWI Victory Medal with Destroyer bar, rim engraved to USNRF officer.
$250 (Sold)

Extremely rare WWI Victory Medal, rim engraved to a female yeoman.
$450 (Sold)

USS Puritan Sampson Medal
$850 (Sold)

USS Newark Sampson Medal to Medal of Honor recipient William E. Holyoke. The medal is a phase I that is impressed with his name and rate, "B.M.2d.C.". Holyoke was awarded the MoH for heroism as a member of the Seymour Expedition during the Boxer Rebellion.
Price $2000 (Sold)

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