A Navy Civil War Campaign Medal to a Medal of Honor Recipient

US Navy Civil War Campaign Medal to Medal of Honor recipient Daniel D. Stevens. Original BB&B strike, numbered on the rim # 1521, issued to Stevens on February 19, 1913. The issue of the medal is documented by the receipt with the rim number, signed by Stevens and the medal index card which also has the medal number and Stevens name.


Chief Quartermaster Stevens was awarded the MoH in 1870 for heroism on board the monitor USS Canonicus during the Second Battle of Fort Fisher on January 13, 1865. He served for almost the entire war, from November 1861 to August 1865. Click here for his Wikipedia entry. From the end of 1861 until early 1864 he was aboard the USS Pursuit.


Only 310 Navy Medals of Honor were awarded for the Civil War. Of the 3,000 rim numbered Civil War Campaign     Medals that were issued to Navy veterans, less than 20 went to Medal of Honor recipients.                                       

All of the documents shown below were scanned from records in the National Archives.

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