Army Mexican Border Service Medal – 1st Iowa Infantry

US Army Mexican Border Service Medal, officially numbered on the rim 783. Based on records in the National Archives, this medal was issued in July 1919 to Pvt. Glen E. Reed for service with the First Iowa Infantry Regiment at Brownsville, Texas. Reed served in Co. H, which was originally from Manchester, Iowa. The ribbon on this medal is a replacement and there is no brooch, as shown in photos..

No original documents are included with the medal.

The color documents shown were copied from the originals in the National Archives. Color copies will be provided with the medal. Note on the vertical card “Mexican Border National Guard” that “Serial No. ___ 751___”  is the AGO serial number and not the actual medal rim number. The medal number was written at the bottom of the card at the time of issue. The AGO numbers 750-751 are written in red ink on the medal application dated February 10, 1919.

See for a short article on the Iowa National Guard service on the Mexican Border.

Price $120.

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