Sixth Cavalry group

Group of Army campaign medals to Sgt. Jeremiah Murphy, who served most of his career with the Sixth Cavalry Regiment.

Spanish No. 3223, Philippine No. 9736, China No. 536, with matching ribbon bar. All medals have old re-ribboning with replacement brooches with rotating catches. (Originally they would have had open catch brooches.) Also, 6th Cavalry insignia, shoulder boards and two stereo cards of the 6th Cavalry around the turn of the century. Murphy first enlisted in 1886 and joined the band of the 6th Cavalry in 1891. He stayed with this regiment almost continuously until he retired in 1910. His service included combat in Cuba, China and the Philippines. He died in New York in 1925. 

The research file includes (in addition to the medal records shown below) copies of US Army registers of enlistments and pension cards that document Murphy’s service as follows:

Born Ireland 1864
June 1886 to June 1891           B / 23rd Infantry
June 1891 to June 1896           Band 16th Infantry
June 1896 to June 1899           Band / 6th Cavalry
June 1899 to June 1902           Band / 6th Cavalry
July 1902 to July 1905              9th Infantry &  23rd Infantry
(March 1905 transferred from  9th Infantry to 23rd Infantry)
July 1905 to May 1907              Band / 6th Cavalry
May 1907 to May 1910             Band / 6th Cavalry
May 1910 to June 27, 1912 retired Band / 6th Cavalry

Price $2750 (SOLD)

The medal cards below appear to contain several errors. The Spanish Campaign should read “6th USC” not “7th  USC”. The China should read “USC” not “USI”.

Note that on the cards the “Serial No.” is not the medal rim number. This was instead a number that was assigned by the Adjutant General’s Office when it approved the issue of the medal. Once the medal was issued then the rim number was marked below the issue date. It interesting that the China was issued five months after the Spanish and Philippine.

These “false embroidery” Sixth Cavalry insignia are probably reproductions.

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