USN Commendation & Yangtze Service Medal group

G 5.) Group to Captain Thomas J. Kimes, US Naval Academy class of 1925. Commendation Medal (early type with crimped over slot brooch), Yangtze Service Medal M.No. 300, American Defense Service Medal, American Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal. Ensign Kimes had Yangtze service on the USS John D. Ford from 1927 to 1929. From June 1939 to April 1943 he served on the cruiser USS Indianapolis. This included the Bougainville and Salamaua-Lae Raids in February 1942 and the Aleutians Operations off Kiska and Attu in early 1943. His later war service with the Atlantic Fleet at Newport, RI earned him the Commendation Ribbon (later Medal) from Admiral Jonas H. Ingram. He was also entitled to an Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal that is not present with the group.


Captain Kimes retired in 1947 and died March 7, 1986 in Smackover, Arkansas.


Research includes over 30 pages from his service file. These were scanned in color and will be provided in .jpg format on a cd-rom. Copies of scanned documents not shown are available upon request. No original documents or photos are included with the medals. Also included are several pages from Naval Academy sources.

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From "The Lucky Bag", 1925.


The following document was scanned from files at the National Archives in Washington. Dated September 1930, it requests Yangtze Service Medal for all the members of the USS Noa who were entitled to one. For the two officers listed at the top (including Kimes), the medal numbers were annotated once the medals were actually issued in 1932. In the mean time this letter was kept on file at the Bureau Of Navigation, awaiting availability of the medals.


All of the following documents were scanned from Kimes’ service file, which is now at the records center in St. Louis.


This is a letter in which Kimes again requests issue of the Yangtze Service Medal in October 1931. When the medal was finally issued a year later, the bottom of the letter was stamped and the medal number and transmittal date were written in.



This is the bottom portion of the transmittal letter that accompanied the issue of the medal. The lower section was removed and returned to the Bureau of Navigation to acknowledge receipt.





From the USNA alumni association yearbook "The Quiver" in 1932.











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