Imperial Order of the Dragon group

US Army 9th Infantry Regiment Boxer Rebellion group of five. Philippine Campaign M.No. 3062, China Relief M.No. 217, Imperial Order of the Dragon # 272, State of Wisconsin Spanish American War Medal, United Spanish War Veterans Medal with rank bar. All medals have their original ribbons.

The Army China Relief in the M.No. numbering format is rare, with less than 600 produced. The IOD is the very rare first type with solid yellow ribbon and rectangular top bar.

The IOD traces by number to Charles W. Buck, which provides attribution for the group. Research shows that Buck enlisted in Company E of the 9th Infantry in December 1898 for a term of three years. During this time the regiment served in China and the Philippines. During fierce fighting at Tientsin the colonel of the regiment, Emerson H.  Liscum, was killed in action. In 1901 Company E was based on Samar, where it was also heavily engaged. On October 16 it suffered an attack by insurgents. In hand to hand combat 19 men of the Company were wounded or killed including Buck who suffered a bolo cut to the shoulder. One of the members of Company E, Julius Heinz, was awarded the Certificate of Merit for heroism during this attack.

Buck was discharged at the end of his enlistment in 1902. Based on this discharge date he was not eligible for issue of “No.” numbered campaign medals. (The No. required military service after 1905.) The purchase from the Mint in 1915 of both M.No. medals is confirmed in the research. (Unfortunately these records do not contain the actual medal rim numbers.) Buck is buried at the Veterans Memorial Grove Cemetery in Yountville, CA.

It is unclear how Buck might have qualified for the Wisconsin SAW medal. In 1899 he enlisted from the state of New York, where he was born, so it doesn’t appear that he had any connection to Wisconsin. Details on any military service prior to 1899 are unknown.

Price $5500 (Sold)

The 9th Infantry Regiment lined up before the Meridian Gate, Forbidden City.

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