Photos – USS Iowa Sampson and 1898 Good Conduct Medal

                                                                                        Photo Essay
I’ll let the images do most of the talking, with only a few comments added below. The Good Conduct Medal was purchased at the 1998 OMSA convention and the Sampson Medal came from FJP Auctions in 2010. I wonder how many years they were separated.

                                                                    Note the early style narrow brooch on the GCM.


All of the following documents were scanned from Brennan’s Navy service jacket, which is located at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.

Receipts for Good Conduct Medal and pin. It’s interesting to note that Brennan first enlisted in 1880 but didn’t earn the GCM until 1898. It took him another 12 years to get his first, and only, bar.

                                                                            Request for Sampson Medal.

                        Receipts for original issue of the medal in “Phase I” & issue of additional bars in “Phase III”.


          The following photos, along with the scans from the service file, really bring the medals to life.




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