USN 1901 China group (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Group of three to Joseph B. Murtha, USN. Philippine Campaign # 3168, rim engraved “Joseph B. Murtha, Plumber & Fitter, USS Boston”. China Campaign # 443 (1901 version), rim engraved “Joseph B. Murtha, Plumber & Fitter, USS Solace”. Both campaign medals have second pattern ribbons. That Imperial Order of the Dragon is unnumbered but rim engraved “Mandarin J. B. Murtha, Imperial Order Dragon”. “Mandarin” was a rank within the society. Murtha was also issued a WWI Victory Medal with Transport bar.

The USS Boston was a cruiser that participated in the suppression of the Philippine Insurrection from February to June of 1899. The USS Solace was a hospital ship that was also used to transport mail and passengers. In June 1900 it transported Smedley Butler and his Marines to China, remaining on station until the end of July.

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