Father & Son Civil War & Cuban Pacification group
G 1.) Father and son medal group to Rear Admiral Harry Knox and his son Commander Harry Gard Knox: Civil War Campaign Medal # 100 with original ribbon and brooch, engraved “Midn. H. Knox (#100) USS Marion”. Cuban Pacification #90 with original ribbon and brooch, WWI Victory (no bar), 3 named USNA fencing medals. RAdm Harry Knox, USNA 1867, retired 1905. Son Cdr. Harry G. Knox, USNA 1906, resigned 1920.

Research on Admiral H. Knox: Copy of 1908 dated transmittal letter for Civil War Campaign Badge # 100 and signed receipt for same. Outline of service from 1867 to retirement as a Rear Admiral in 1905 (tombstone promotion). Also, a short obituary from 1923 and a copied photo. Admiral Knox was entitled to a Philippine Campaign Medal for service commanding the USS Princeton 1900 to 1901 but he apparently never applied for the medal.

Research on Commander H.G. Knox: Lucky Bag entry with photo, 1918 dated receipt for Cuban Pacification # 90, outline and transcript of service from 1906 to 1920, two page bio from 1954 and obituary from 1958.

Note that the Civil War is from the very first USN contract for 175 medals in 1908. BB&B made these with a bright gold finish, whereas medals made only a few months later have a much darker bronze finish. I haven’t seen any other medals from this original contract on the market in quite a few years. It appears that when the name was engraved the engraver also engraved over the struck number “100” in order to make it more pronounced.

All medals in this grouping are in excellent condition, excepting one of the athletic medals, which is missing the ring to attach it to the ribbon. Rim engraved Civil War medals are very desirable and attributed Cuban Pac medals are rare.

Price $1950 (sold)

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