USN Good Conduct & 2nd Nicaraguan medal pair
Navy Good Conduct and 2nd Nicaraguan Campaign medal pair to Lt. Lawson Eley. The GCM is officially engraved on the reverse “Lawson Eley 1932” with bars 1936 and 1940, both named on the reverse. The 2nd Nic is numbered on the rim “M.No. 2115”. This medal is confirmed by number in Eley’s file as being issued on 13 July 1931. Both medals have their original ribbons and brooches, with the ribbon on the GCM somewhat frayed.

With 13 pages of records copied from Eley’s enlisted and office service files. These records are incomplete from Eley’s enlistment in 1923 thru the end of 1928. All service from October 1928 to March 1946 is documented. Eley was an Electrician’s Mate and had service on the aircraft carrier USS Lexington from 1928 to 1933. He was appointed to the Warrant rank of Electrician in 1942, serving on the USS Barnegat from July 1941 to Feb 1943. On the USS Vestal from July 1944 to July 1945, during the Okinawa campaign. He retired as a Lieutenant and died in 1979.


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