Civil War USN / USMC Vets Badge
CWN 1.) Membership badge of the Farragut Association of New York. Originally organized in 1883, in 1899 it became the nucleus of a new society, “The United States Veteran Navy”, which also included Spanish American War naval veterans. The badge of the original organization is described as “a badge of bronze; a ribbon bearing the inscription ‘Farragut Veteran Association, Port Of New York’ encircles an irregular-shaped field, in the centre of which is an eagle on a capstan, crossed cannon to the right, crossed swords to the left and rays above the eagle, the whole resting on an anchor and suspended by a ring from a clasp pin.”

A rarely seen badge for Bluejackets and Marines. The only other one that I've seen for sale is currently being offered by a well known Civil War dealer for $575.

My price $450.


This Civil War naval veteran appears to be wearing an example of this badge on the lower row, second from left.

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